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國內知名上市公司承業生醫投資控股股份有限公司(CHC Investment Holding Company)旗下全資子公司-新和生物科技股份有限公司(SHIN-HO INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.),將於新竹科學園區之銅鑼園區設廠開發輻照及滅菌確效技術,並研發抗輻射材,引進比利時IBA光子照射與電子照射滅菌系統,具安全、高效、無殘留物等優點,備受國際青睞,一旦導入臺灣,將可串聯竹科生醫產業、壯大產業聚落,並可以全臺領先且符合永續使用原則之世界級輻照滅菌技術,運用於傳染病流行期間,有效縮短隔離衣、防護衣等防護用品之滅菌時間,提升該類產品的安全儲備量,以作為第一線醫護人員的安心後盾。 新和生物科技有感於國內安全、健康意識逐漸抬頭,決心踏足臺灣滅菌產業,將於銅鑼科學園區租地約1公頃,並預計投資新臺幣4億元以上。


The HsinChu Science Park Bureau announced last week that Shin-Ho Instruments Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the publicly listed CHC medical group will set up in the HSP’s TongLuo Park a facility focusing on sterilisation service for industries. The company will use the Belgian company IBA’s Rhodotron Duo system (e-beam & X-Ray) which is safer, more efficient, cleaner and more sustainable than other processes such as the Ethylene Oxide process commonly used in Taiwan. The land reserved for the project is about 1 hectare and the investment is estimated as 400 million TWD (about 12 million EUR). This process can widely be applied in various industries such as the food industry, the semi-conductor industry, the cosmetic industry, and most notably in the medical and hygienic equipment including protective clothing and gadgets.