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Lithcote®, a company specialized in the formulation and application of surface coatings, has developed a coating which is at the same time virucidal, bactericidal, and completely fungicidal. This means that if a virus or bacteria were to settle on the treated surface, the infectious load would be deactivated. This treatment will undoubtedly revolutionize several sectors: Transport, Pharmaceutical industry, Hospital sector, and
also items from everyday life ...This technology is based on functional nano-ceramics chemically linked to a polymer network. The surface treatment is transparent, not very thick (10 μm), flexible, very resistant, and above all: active ...This product is currently in the validation phase to confirm its effectiveness against Covid-19 in a
laboratory at the University of Liège. In addition, a new version is being finalized which can also be applied to textiles (blouses, masks, etc.) thus further strengthen the protection of people.