LUNAR 1969 : 比利時列日鐘錶商Col&MacArthur推出人類登陸月球50週年限量紀念款手錶18/09/2019

比利時列日鐘錶商Col&MacArthur推出的每款手錶背後都有一個故事 : 2018年設計ㄧ款紀念第ㄧ次世界大戰停戰一百週年,與另一款紀念達文西逝世500週年的手錶。2019年為紀念人類登陸月球50週年特別推出限量紀念款手錶。Col&MacArthur將阿波羅傳奇重新演繹並融入手錶的設計中,錶面附有月球隕石的真實碎片(附帶證書) 以及具有登陸月球象徵意涵的數字與符號,如阿波羅11號月球著陸的坐標 ;而錶背則刻有阿姆斯壯在月球所留下的著名足跡。不僅如此,在阿波羅11號登月任務50年後的7月16日,1969支LUNAR手錶被送至海拔35,000公尺、溫度零下60°且大氣壓力接近1hpa的外太空。“如此極端環境的限制也將證明我們的製錶工藝與高品質的材料” Col&MacArthur首席執行官(CEO) Sébastien Colen表示。


LUNAR: the story of a watch

Liège watchmaker Col&MacArthur is creating an event to mark the 50th anniversary of man's first steps on the Moon.

All their watches tell a story: one was created for the centenary of the Armistice in 2018, another for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death. Now, the Apollo saga is being recounted and embedded in a watch. An actual fragment of lunar meteorite (with supporting certificate) is set alongside a choice of other symbols, such as the coordinates of Apollo 11 or Neil Armstrong's famous foot print, engraved in the sapphire on the back of the watch. Better still, on 16 July, 50 years to the day after the launch of the Apollo 11 mission, 1969 of these accessories will be launched to an altitude of 35,000m - at the frontiers of space.

The temperature will drop to 60° below zero and atmospheric pressure will approach 1hpa, conditions in which no human could survive. "These mechanical constraints will also prove the quality of our work and the materials used," said Sébastien Colen, CEO of Col&MacArthur.