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Wallonia Nature

© CGT - A. Siquet  - Châteu de Freyr - Paysage d'automne
© CGT - A. Siquet - Châteu de Freyr - Paysage d'automne

So many different sights, all the same pleasure for the eyes!

Some emblematic landscapes of Wallonia

A country of legends and forests, straddling the provinces of Namur, Luxembourg and Liège, it is without doubt the largest landscape area and the highest lying area in Wallonia. The Ardennes offer a stunning palette of colours that change with the seasons. The East Cantons with their vast peatlands and forests add a landscape that is unique in Belgium.

Separated by the river Meuse, these two landscape regions peacefully stretch from the East to the West along the ‘Calestienne’, a band of limestone, which shapes the landscape with rolling hills, lakes and numerous rivers, ideal for walking. Famenne, located on the edge of the Ardennes plateaus, naturally benefits from its thick forests and varied landscape.

Meuse Valley

The River Meuse has always played a prominent role in urban development and in the construction of various fortifications, and also explains the numerous castles. The castles of the Meuse valley are no less grand than their Loire counterparts. Following the Meuse on its journey from where it enters Wallonia right up to the gateway to the Netherlands, is a little bit like travelling back in time.

Condroz and Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse 
A wide plateau stretching from the East to the West of Wallonia, Condroz presents itself as a 'Russian mountain' landscape, made up of peaks and picturesque valleys surrounded by many wooded areas. Around the bends of the numerous meandering rivers, one can see the walls of villages with their old charm still intact. Seven of these villages appear on the list of ‘Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia’

Hennuyer Plateau 
With its rich heritage and architectural and industrial treasures, the Hennuyer plateau has preserved the bucolic charm of its countryside. It proudly displays the heritage of its mining past though slagheaps that mark and enhance the landscape with great ecological diversity.

Natural parks
Places of rural life of great biological interest, in complete harmony with the local population, Wallonia's natural parks bring you closer to nature…


© CGT - A. Siquet  - Paysage ardennais en automne
© CGT - A. Siquet  - Ruisseau ardennais
© CGT - A. Kouprianoff - Les hautes Fagnes en hiver
© CGT - A. Kouprianoff -Paysage hivernal en Hautes Fagnes